Monday, November 29, 2010

Job Search Polkas.

I got those feet tapping, eye twitching,
heart racing, haven't even had a cup of coffee yet,
nervousness blues.

Yes, I'm studyin' up on myself,
my surroundings,
and the company's policies.
Gettin' ready to answer questions
about where I want to see myself,
where this fits in with my career plan,
and how this will help me grow.
(all the normal questions)

but still...

knees knocking
shortness of breath
why didn't I bring a paper bag
or take a shot before I left?
Just a side effect of the nervousness blues.

A small price to pay
when the bills are lining up like soldiers
ready to take aim at your empty wallet.

It's all good.
Because the nervousness blues are
usually followed closely by the
Rain Dance of Relief...

and the phone call of truth.


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