Monday, March 8, 2010

W-2's, 1040's, 1099's Oh My!!

I am not your tax slave.
It is NOT your God-given right to pin me down
for forty-five minutes whining
about how you got more money last year.
That's nice (considering you have ZERO witholding).

In case you didn't' notice,
I have a family of seven in the waiting room,
four starving volunteers,
and my phone does not stop ringing
from the time that I walk in the door
to the time I run screaming from the office.

And another thing...
The fact that I did your taxes
does not mean that you should call me
every five seconds about
where your "revenue" is.

When I say bring your social security card,
I'm not just saying it because
I LOVE to walk up four flights of stairs to make a copy.
If we get it wrong, the IRS yells at me
I tell you,
You yell at me.
Management yells at me
because they have no idea what goes on in the trenches
but this could all have been easily solved,
if you had listened to my instructions!

...So have a great day, and thank you for visiting my tax site!


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